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card Adria Rae Lovely Princess istripper Sexy Girls Virtua girls HD  modelname: Adria Rae;
setname: Lovely Princess;
categories: High Heels, Lingerie, Naked Feet, Porn Star, Skirts;
city: Studio City;
type: European;
age: 20;
height: 5.41;
weight: 110;

IMDb: ID 7827996

Adria Rae is a hot piece of ass from Studio City, CA. She moved to the West Coast to pursue a career as an actress, but when she started stripping to help pay the bills, she realized she found her calling. Adria loved the sexual energy that is generated when she hits the stage to strip. She feels on top of the world as all eyes are on her, watching her every move. Adria still goes on auditions around town, but she is very careful to select roles that allow her to keep dancing and having fun.

Everyone has a life outside of work and Adria’s is filled with good friends, good food and lots of gym time! She loves entertaining and often has a house full of friends every weekend for pre-game hang outs before they hit all the famous Hollywood clubs. Adria loves to dance and let loose on the dance floor and she counts that as cardio towards her workout goals. Live, love, laugh is her motto and Adria tells us that she can’t wait to perform for you!

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